Sending a team attack.

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Sending a team attack.

Post by Baron on Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:13 am

Coalition and/or Team attacks instructions.
1. Team attacks can be sent to either Colonies or Pantheons.
1. a. Teams can consist of 3 players per sent attack.
1. b. There is one sender and 2 troop suppliers.
1. c. Troops from the suppliers must be in the city of the sender.
1. d. Choose the Colony or Pan you wish to attack and select the "Conquer" or "Besiege" button.

2. As illustrated by the pic below, choose "Coalition Attack".

3. A new screen appears prompting you to choose the players from which you want their troops to be added to the pool of troops from which you can send. Select the players and click "Confirm". See pic below:

4. After clicking the confirm button from the step above. The players troops you selected are now added to your own troops. Simply select the units you wish to send and click the "Besiege" button.


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