ELIXERS: how to mix, activate, and extract or drop.

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ELIXERS: how to mix, activate, and extract or drop.

Post by Baron on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:21 pm

Elixers add a percentage of power to all of your troops. The higher the level of your Elixer, the higher the increase
of power to your troops. The following series of pics explains how to find your Elixers, mix them, activate them, extract or drop them. Extracting saves the Elixer to your "cache" while a "drop" destroys and removes your Elixer.

Elixers are found in your Sanctum of Asclepius shown below:

Your "Cache" tab shows all your available Elixers, your current "active" Elixers shown by the 3 arrows, your "Mystery Chests" which contain more Elixers and your Gold & Silver Caduseus's which enable you you to extract Elixers without destroying them or "Dropping" them. See the pic below:

Your Amphora Chamber tab enables you to mix same type & level Elixers to the next level. For example; if you have 2 level 1 Elixers of the same type, you can mix those 2 level 1 Elixers to create 1 level 2 Elixer. The pictue below illustrates the quantity of a given type of Elixer and also shows other potential pages of Elixers if you happen to have more than 1 page full.

While in the Amphora Chamber, click on an Elixer with a quantity of 2 or more and they will appear in the top 3 positions as illustrated by the pic below. Click on mix and 2 of the Elixers you selected will be upgraded to one Elixer one level higher.

Gold & Silver Caduceus's are required to extract an active level 5 or higher Elixer without destroying or "Drop" ing it.

To add, extract, or drop Elixers go to the "cache" tab and click on the active Elixer you wish to remove and choose "Extract" or "Drop". Extracting saves the Elixer in your cache and dropping removes and destroys the Elixer. You must have an empty spot in your Cache in order to add an Elixer.

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