Troops Power Points

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Troops Power Points

Post by Baron on Fri Feb 12, 2016 11:59 pm

Often you will read members typing that they sent a defense of 500k to a city. The term "500k" does not mean that they sent 500,000 troops. Rather, it means the power point value of the troops that they sent.

The picture below shows you a practical way to learn how big your army is in terms of power points. The screen in the picture below (troop movement screen) allows you to select specific troops to move, whether it is from your city to your acropolis, or vice versa, or on a raid, or reinforcements to a fellow member. Select all of your defense, or all of your offense, DO NOT select offensive & defensive troops together. In other words, if you want to know the power point value of your defense, then only select defensive troops and vice versa for offensive troops. Then DO NOT click send, rather look in the left corner as illustrated by the picture below and view the power point value of the troops you have selected. then you can "X" out the box unless you intend to actually move them.

The power point value of the troops above show both an offensive power point value and a defensive power point value because all troops have both values. NOTE that I selected offensive units and the offensive power points are drastically more.

So the power point value of the offense in the picture is 1mil & 111k

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