Checking Diplomacy with other Coalitions

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Checking Diplomacy with other Coalitions

Post by Baron on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:36 am

To check your Coalition's Diplomacy with another Coalition, click on your potential targets coalition seal. Also, check the players city name for any alliance "tags".(see Pic)

After clicking on the seal, that Coalitions info screen will pop up. The info you are looking for is illustrated by the 3 red arrows in the pic below. Arrow 1 shows the coalitions rank/position, which can help you guage the strength of the coal. Arrow 2 shows your current diplomatic status with the coal. Arrow 3 will locate any info regarding the coal's NAPs and Aliance if any.

The picture below shows the different types of Diplomatic status.

In addition to the previous steps, it may be wise to check your coalitions group page "files" for any potential document regarding NAPs.


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