Collecting Rewards

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Collecting Rewards

Post by Baron on Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:30 am

There are a few different type rewards you can collect. Some are tournament rewards and some are from our 24 hour coalition missions. The series of pictures below demonstrate how you can collect them.

First, click on the "EVENTS" icon illustrated by the pic below. This icon changes is appearance frequently but is always in the same location and always has the word "EVENTS" near it.

The green check mark means that you have a reward to collect.

Second, use the "slide bar" to find a reward that has a green "Finished" button and click it.

3. A tournament reward will have a screen that is fairly straight forward and give you an opportunity to select which type of troops you want to collect.

3a. A 24 hour coalition mission reward will be demonstrated the rest of the way through this tutorial.
3b. The picture below shows the types of 24 hour mission rewards and you close the screen by clicking the "Share" button.

4. The next screen gives you the option to "Share" or "Cancel". It's your choice what to do, I usually "Cancel" because I do not want to clutter my facebook friends "News Feeds" with meaningless Sparta propaganda. Regardless what you choose, you will still be able to collect the rewards.

5. The next picture illustrates where to find your "Market", where the rewards are placed at.

6. Once your "Market" screen is up, the next picture shows which tab to click.

7. Once you have clicked the "Chest", click on the "Special" tab as illustrated by the picture below.

8. After opening the "Special" tab, you may or may not need to scroll through pages to find your rewards. Once you have found your rewards, you will need to "Apply" them. NOTE: These rewards have a time limit in which you can collect them. Once the time limit expires, so does the reward. See the picture below:


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