Recruitment Strategy

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Recruitment Strategy

Post by Baron on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:53 pm

Recruiting players of some experience and value is a challenging endeavor to be sure. I would like to try the following recruitment strategy.

1. Searching for high level players from old or dying out coals.
2. Searching for high level players from coals that once owned a pantheon, but no longer do.
3. Searching for high level players from coals where the Hegemon has quit the game and abandoned his members and his city.

The following series of pictures and text in between them will, hopefully, explain how to do 1 - 3 above.

To begin, click on your Embassy and the "Coalitions" tab as shown in the 2 pictures below:

Click on the "3 Stars" tab. (See picture below)

The picture of the screen below shows all the coalitions in ranked order. At the bottom of the picture shows you how to "turn the page".

Our research will begin when we turn the page several times to find the coalition ranked 250th. Our research will start with the coalition ranked 250th and we will continue this process all the way to the coalition ranked 1000th.

The next 2 pictures show what a Hegemon's picture looks like once the game system recognizes that this player has abandoned his city and no longer plays the game. These type coalitions are possible to attract high level members, perhaps willing to join us.

To invite players from coalitions like the ones in the picture above, and the ones in the pictures below ... simply click on the Coalition Seal Icon of the coalition and click the warriors tab to get the screen that lists the members of that coalition.

The 2 pictures below show what a dying coalition might look like. Note that their number of members is far below what a powerful coalitions amount of members should be. Thereby suggesting, that these type coalitions are dying out. Some of the high level members of these type coalitions may be willing to join us if we make it convenient for them by sending them an invite.

The next picture shows how to check the awards of a coalition to see if they have any Pantheon related achievement medals. Simply click on the coalition seal icon to bring up the screen of that coalitions info.

If they have Pantheon Achievement Medals, then check to see if they still own a Pantheon by clicking on the "Pantheons" tab; as shown in the picture below.

If the coalition no longer holds a Pantheon, you will see the following screen and the members of this type of coalition may be eager to join another "hungry" coalition like ours.

So we begin by finding the coalition ranked 250th and check to see if that coalition falls into the category, or type coalition, mentioned above. If it does not, simply move on to the coalition ranked 251st. If a coalition does fall into a category, or type of coalition, mentioned above then click on their list of warriors and visit their city's and send them invitations to join our coal by mousing over on the icon that looks like a closed fist which is located under your drachma/gold inventory in the extreme upper right of your game screen.

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