Galley Trick

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Galley Trick

Post by Baron on Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:40 pm

The Galley Trick enables you to collect more than the 50K limit of resources per player, per week, in a single raid. This, of course, depends on the amount of resources that are in the city and the amount of troops that you send on the attack. The more troops you send, the more can be carried back to your city after the raid.

1. Select a city rich in resources. This is usually determined by a spy report or common knowledge based on your own experience raiding this particular city.

2. Send a "Raid" to the city with as many offensive troops as possible.

3. Change your screen view to show the city you are raiding making sure you can still see the raid icon in the lower left corner of your screen that displays the amount of time the raid has until it hits. (See Pic Below)

4. When your raid has 20 to 25 seconds until it hits, send as much grain as you can. It's best to have all your galleys freed up for this. (See Pic Below)

5. Keep an eye on your raid icon while both your raid and resources are approaching the city. When the raid hits, hesitate 1 second and then recall your resources by clicking the RED "X" as seen in the picture below.


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