The Capital

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The Capital

Post by Baron on Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:37 pm

There is a new game feature called the "Capital".

It's characteristics are similar to a Pantheon. The series of pictures below, and the text in between the pictures will demonstrate how to use the "Capitals" user interface.

1. Click on your embassy. See pic below:

2. Click on the "Capital" icon as seen below:

3. The pic below shows the "Capital" interface where you can send troops, donate "Tools", and observe current reward percentages. The screen opens to the "Info" tab by default. There is also a Garrison tab, and Disciplines tab.

4. The pic below simply shows the location of the other tabs of the interface:

5. If you want to send troops, simply click on the "Garrison" tab. The pic below shows the garrison and illustrates where the "Send Reinforcements" button is:

6. The "Disciplines" also provided bonus's regarding power, speed, build times, grain consumption and other attributes. I still do not know how to attain the "Medals" required to develop these "Disciplines" other than a drachma purchase and will revise this "wiki" when it is realized. the pic below shows a pic of the "Disciplines" screen.

7. Upgrading the Capital requires "Tools" that are collected by participating in game Tourny's. The location to upgrade the Capital is on the "Info" tab's screen which looks like the pic below. When enough tools are recovered, we can upgrade the Capital.


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