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Post by Baron on Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:42 pm

The following will describe how to find the group page and how to Navigate through it to find essential information. As per our coalitions rules pertaining to every member being obligated to acknowledge all posts by the leadership and all doc. files, this tutorial was created to help members meet that obligation.

The pic below shows the left hand margin of your facebook home page where your list of group pages is. Simply click on the group page that you wish to visit.

This next picture shows the different areas of the group page. The ones we use and the ones you need to be concerned with are "Discussion", "Members", "Events", "Photos", and "Files".

Discussion = Our general forum where "posts" are put to inform members of events, special orders, new member welcoming, and Battle Reports or other screen shots.

Members = The section of the group page that lists all the members of the group page. This is the easiest way to facebook friend other members, simply by mousing over them.

Events = We do not use this section of the group page.

Photos = Photo's added to the group page are stored here. We do not use this section of the group page in any conventional way.

Files = This is the area of the group page is where all our document files are stored. This area is our information data base which describes our rules, strategies, LOL info, Rank Structure, How to tutorials, and other essential information.

The next pic shows a "Pinned" post. Pinned posts always remain at the top of the list of posts. Pinned posts are to be considered the most important post in the list of posts.

Often, posts have more text in them than the group page will show without clicking on "See more". The next pic shows where "See more" is routinely placed.

Sometimes, commenting to a post isn't always clearly visible. The next pic shows how to open up the thread so that commenting is clearly visible.

To make a comment, simply type in the "box" as shown in the pic below.

Sometimes, all the comments to a post are not clearly visible. The following pic shows where to click to view all available comments.

To "Like" a post, simply click on "Like" as shown by the following pic.


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