Finding Members of Another Coalition

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Finding Members of Another Coalition

Post by Baron on Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:17 am

While in a battle v.s. another Coalition, you may receive orders to attack the members of that coalition.

The series of pictures below, and the lines of text in between them will help you find the enemy.

In order to find the members of a coalition, you will need the coordinates of at least one of the members of that coalition.

1. Click on the icon that changes your screen to a map view. (See Picture)

2. In the lower right corner of your map view screen is where you can input coordinates.

3. After inputting the coordinates and clicking the "Arrow" button, as illustrated by the picture above, your screen will change to show the city of the coordinates that you inputted.

3a. Click on that players "Coalition Seal" to bring up that Coalitions "Info Screen". (See Picture Below)

4. After clicking the "Coalition Seal", a screen displaying the coalition info of that coalition will come up. Click on the "Warriors" tab. (See Picture Below)

5. After clicking the warriors tab, the screen will change to show a list of their members. Info under each members name includes their coordinates, their distance away from your city, and their rank with their coalition.

5a. You can now jot down a list of all their members that are close to you, or you can simply click on a players name to be redirected to a map view of that members city.


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